Saturday, August 1, 2009

to all of my fwens..

its 1st of August everyone!!!
Happy Friendship day to all of my friends out there..
to my ex-schoolmates.... my 2 best buddies!! aisyah and abel, to apip, kikie, anie, pus, shaq, atuy, nana, hadi, adli, nazza, fatin, and more!! (sorry for not mentioning all of the names, its not that i cant remember, but its too many of them!!!)
to my lovely form six clasmates!!! (+Mija...hehehe) , my ex-elementary scoolmates...and!! my best buddies from kindergarden, ;
Thank you for making my life lovely and thanks for all the support.
thanks for being there when i need it,
thanks for listening to every stories that i share...
though im not, well maybe the most greatest person u have ever met,
i hope that i can be the most sweetest memories u've ever had..
thanks for believe me to keep ur secrets, and dont worry, my lips are sealed! haha:D
thanks again for the faith u have for me...
hope that our friendship could last forever!!!


☂♥me♥☂ said...

hepy frindshiP DAyy!!ngeheE!!

amalina rashid said...

appy frenship day~~ :)