Friday, April 24, 2009

a day to remember..^^

harinii dalam sejarah...well its my birthday actually..hehe..and i woke up early in the morning with a great big smile on my face. Can you imagine im singing for myself a birthday song in front of a big mirror?!..hahaha...welll unfortunately its true...^^..and im happy with it..

i went to school and once again a great big smile on ma face.. thanks to desi n dayang,they sang me birthday songs over and over again...hahaha..its quiet funny but i like it very much!!
i like people sang me that song on my birthday n i bet everyone feel the same way too. the most happiest part was when azad sang me birthday songs....hahaha..he's funny...he can sing that song all day long!!
and yes he did it....well of course im happy!! theee~...

the greatest gift i got today was when i received a letter about our anugrah cemerlang. I am nominated as "pelajar terbaik keseluruhan" for form six student...hehehe...though i cannot beat desiro bcause she was nominated for "pelajr terbaik k'seluruhan,sejarah,geo...
" still i felt very,very satisfied. Well desiro have been my greatest competitor in exams and yet my bestfren in school..kami bersaing secara sihat baa~

since tomorrow is my MUET test, i have to study tonight so i wont go blank2 tomorrow morning. i need to aim high!BAND 6 ba kalo ko...hehehe...who knows i might get it..??..hehehe..
wish me luck for my MUET!!!

ps- thanks to my dearest classmates for wishing me today..i love you all!!! to my sayang, thanks sbb spend!! i love uuu~~!!! hik hik hik :D
to my daling..where have u been???!!

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noraisyah nordin said...

CONGRATULATIONS on the award nis!!!

ps-all the best in muet~~