Friday, March 27, 2009

trip to UMS..

kejadian ini berlaku tggl 27/o3...(kalo xsilap ak la.) besak la.budak skola ni kena bw pi ums.
at first, i thought it was another bored day for me but i guess i was wrong.
it was fun! and i enjoyed it. it's just i felt bad for not bringing my cam. pun copy dr member yg bole dipercayai~..
so here we school.waiting for the bus to arrive.its already 7 am but still there's no sign of our school bus. i get really bored and hungry too (xsmpt breakpas).huhu~.
a few HOURS later..the bus arrived. but then, we have to wait again for our guru pengiring to finish their brekpas. (ak da mmg bengang ms tu!).. and around 9 oclock, kitorg baru jalan!sabar jak la..
cam gmbr kena tgkap dating jak..haha...nda pun PATI..hua3.tgu bas ba tu.dont get it wrong..;P
tiba di ums....we spen half of the day here in bilik ntah apa ni..near anjung siswa..somewhere...
this is in front of dwn chanselor...b4 gi libry ums,muzium,n galeri.
masa ni ok lg nda penat. igt ums kecik ke hapa? da la takdok bas, jalan kaki lak..apa nda terhidrat ak..ilang sgl air dlm bdn.
we just walk around ums n done some some them.n get to learn new words from a turkish girl at anjung siswa. she's great...
then we head home at nearly 7.30PM. kinda late.but its fun i learn new teka teki!haha...gilak durang ni.lawak budu~
at the end of the day~...i feel great...;]
ps- abg2 facy suma okay2 n just so u know,im not interested.:]kawan ak lak yg over...huhu~ ak jadik mngsa~

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