Saturday, March 14, 2009


"its a bird...its a plane!no,...its SUPERMAN!!"
hey,of coz the line reminds u of the world most famous superhero, Superman!!
he's super-duper strong n even steel can't go through him!
(i bet even stainless steel too!) ;]
he has been everyone's favourite superhero (including me ;D)
now and forever.
I know Superman is just a cartoon character, but he inspired me a lot!
through he's story i can see that
it's not all about being strong physically, but also mentally.
being strong is about giving hope to your life,
keep on going and not giving up,
and have faith in your heart...
its all about helping others to the best you can,
giving all your strength not just to yourself but also to people surround you.
it is also about being more down to earth,
realizing who you really are,
but not be fooled or lowered by other people
bcos no one is alone in this world!
he has been my favourite childhood superhero,
and it will always be. ;)
go for it Superman!
*love n bless to late Christopher Reeve and wife, wonderful man n woman*

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